Friday, April 18, 2008

Aging vs Maturity

Everybody know that aging is not correlated with maturity.

But what is maturity anyway?
I tried to phrase 'maturity' as higher awareness, wisdom and self consciousness. It's a stage where you know exactly to put yourself in any life situation without apparent awkwardness. It's a time when you get a clearer picture on where your life is heading to. It's... mmh... oh well, I can't think of more descriptions. Readers, would you kindly add more?

Aging, on the other hand, is easily measured by number of year between today and the day you were born. Though some people are lucky enough for not having clear sign of aging, you can never change how old you are.

Ideally, people grow more mature as they are aging. But how to make sure of it? Personally, I found it rather difficult. My mid twenties was like heaven on earth.. will I ever be able to leave that soon?


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warriorsofwind said...

I dun really think age do matter too much than the heart. To make sure we grow more mature, I believe it is the constant effort to move out from one's comfort zone and interacting with ppl from various background. Possibly, we need to establish first what constitute as maturity. Different ppl would have different standards..but the rule of thumb is to stay cool, relax and be conscious of what u doing..

Having said all, maturity tends to fallen apart facing with the loved. How about opening a new topic called Love vs Maturity.. ha :p