Friday, November 9, 2007

Why is it so difficult to find Mr or Ms Right??

Have u ever asked yourself this question? Have u ever wondered why it seemed quick and easy for others to find their Mr or Ms Right but so hard for you? Don't blame your fate or anything else. The answer lies within you. Maybe it's you who are not ready for Mr or Ms Right!

I don't mean to be intimidating. This case applied to me as well. The search for Mr Right hasn't seemed to end yet, but I learnt why it became so difficult.

I noticed that some friends got married right after college simply because they couldn't live alone. They're not born to be independent, hence they couldn't afford to live alone. Commitment or marriage was not only an option, but more of a must. Note that this applies not only to ladies but also guys. Some guys simply don't know how to take care of themselves.

People who are independent both emotionally and rationally are likely more difficult to find Mr or Ms Right. This simply because they too self sufficient. Nevertheless, being self sufficient doesn't necessarily deter you from finding Mr or Ms Right. It's your attitude towards life that matters.

I observed that those who find it difficult to find Mr and Ms Right are those who still live their life only for themselves, not for others. Somehow, their life only evolves around themselves and we'd notice a veeeery big 'I' there...

So, If you realized that everything is always about 'ME', then that would probably be the answer. You cannot find Mr or Ms Right because you are not ready to live your life for him/her.

Believe me, the state that you're living only for your own self is radiating out from you. Though you said that you're willing to make a commitment, it would just merely be empty words. People can feel what you really are.

I've been living for my own self since the day I was born. I was so blessed in life that I've never been forced to live my life for others, even to consider other people in making my life decisions.

But then again, life loses its meaning if you live it on your own..



leonardus said...

gw tersesat sampek disini.. tp boleh jg postingnya. finally, i understand something :-)

aji said...

I like this article.. hehe!!

aji said...

I like your article..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we dream too much and thus come too far away from the reality........