Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Love My Computer Coz My Friends Live in It!!

I found this statement as I browse through the Internet to find some images .
Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing.

Two or three years ago I would feel sorry for this person and couldn't help thinking of him/her as a geek.
But now, I think this statement would be valid for even popular people.
I think most of my friends live in my computer too!
I'm more often meeting them online rather than offline.
Bless technology and creativity.

I am a people person, so hanging around friends and meeting new people has never been a problem. But I do notice that some people are less comfortable with it.
Now, virtual spaces gives them access to involve socially without stepping out of their comfort zone. So everyone would have their social life!

One question pops out: Is virtual social life healthy?
For me, no matter how frequent I chatted with my friends thru messengers, I would still miss them. I'm not so comfortable with meeting new people online, I'd prefer get to know them face to face.
To cut it short, virtual space isn't enough to fulfil my need for socialization.
So, though it helped me finding my long lost friends or keeping me in touch with faraway friends, it's still just a mean of communication.

But I know that some people live their life almost entirely online! Whoa..
So, what d u say bout that?


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