Monday, July 2, 2007

Typical Indonesian Youngsters

I've been asked a couple of times, "How are typical Indonesian youngsters like?"
Well.. here's my full answer :

Generally, I classified Indonesian youngsters into 4 types :
Type 1 : Those who are rich and smart
Congratulations, if you belong to this type. It means that you'll have a prosperous life ahead and a big chance to be somebody. You have everything you need as an Indonesian youngster. All you have to do is to make the best of what you got and you'll have 90% chance to succeed.

Type 2 : Those who are rich but not smart
You're such a lucky bastard. Life will be easy as long as u hold on mommy & daddy's money. You can do whatever.. get whatever that can be bought with money. Just dun forget to remind your folks to leave a huge trust fund for u.

Type 3 : Those who are not rich but smart
Well.. you may have a chance to succeed and be somebody, but you'll have to work extra hard. And I mean REALLY REALLY HARD!!! Things won't just fall off from the sky.. u have to earn them!

Type 4 : Those who are not rich and not smart
Well, what should I say.. Hmm.. Have a nice dream and GOOD LUCK!!

How bout myself?
Hmm.. I am not rich and I dunno whether I'm smart enough, but i definitely WORK HARD!


Hope i dun offend anyone


Ady said...

I think you're smart and not really poor (if you don't like me to say "You're a rich girl :)"). Percentage to become a successfull one is 87% (not bad)

Anonymous said...

The smart never think they are smart, the rich never think they are rich.

The dumb never know they are dumb, the poor will always know they are poor.

As you say, the dumbos are cute.

(Guess who??)

ganes said...

nice, i agree with that. but why you flaw in defining yourself? :)