Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great Life vs Good Life

I came across an interesting question, "What is the biggest enemy of great life?"
The answer was unexpected: it's good life.

People may have misfortune, failure or faulty, but all of them will not stand firmly between them and great life. Why? Because the feeling of misfortune and failing will create dissatisfaction and discontent which will push them ahead.

On the other hand, good life is a silent enemy. Good life is so sedating that people are buoyed with satisfaction. It makes people forget about the great life they could potentially have. Good life is a silent killer to fighting spirit and the willingness to move forward. Simply because people become too afraid to risk what they already have on hand.

I'm not saying that having a good life is bad. It's a choice. Of course, good life is easier to achieve and will not involve higher risk. But good can never be great. And to be great, you need to work harder.

It's your choice now, do you want a good life or a great life?



YudhiA said...


First time on your blog.
Great writing!

Very down to earth and straightforward in some issues:p.

Already told Sarah bout your blog, but I think she's not a blog-reader type, he he he.

Well, your posting make me think : Are we living a good life right now and not a great one....

Well, you made a good point here... And talking about risk, it gets harder to take it when you already entered a comfort zone.

Guess I have something to think about in deeper thought than getting more corporate client right now:p...

Goodluck and God Blesses, Tan...


Tania said...

Dear Yudhi,

Just to make clear that the definition of good life and great life is up to you. You're the one who decide whether your life is good or great. So the standard may vary across different people.

There's another thing.. good or great life is not only about money. It's about all the broader aspects of life. For example, love. Would you be happy just becoming a good spouse for your loved one or do you want to be great?
Then how to be great? That you have to find out yourself. And as I said, it's not easy. First of all, you have to define great. Then you can figure out how to achieve that.
Good luck!!!


AK said...

A great life is definetly far better than a good life... but the fine line between these two is such misleading that changes the whole perception of the beholder. Misconception here is the mare definition of great vs good life because of which people set the bars low many a times without gauging the true potentials of oneself.

Nitwit Rambler said...

"Great" life is a moving target which would in majority of cases elude most.When you have got the best or been the best, there is always room for improvement...Human potential, for me, is boundless.Believe you me, at the end of it all, its more important to be at peace with your existence!