Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Second Life.. for people without First Life??

Second Life is the new buzz of the day. The online game that involves millions of people around the world in a virtual dreamland. Create your avatar, be whatever you like, reborn with the freedom to choose where and who u want to be. Then, build your life from ground zero. Get a new cool identity, socialize, get a job, create a business opportunity, whatever.. forget about all the mortal world constraints.
All you need is to spend a small amount of real dollar to get Linden dollar, the official currency of this virtual world. Voila, you can start a real good (virtual) life.
Some people see this phenomenal game as a good simulation of business world and real life. Coz things that works in the real world would work here as well. Others think this whole notion of second life is a crazy idea. Why would people would spend money on something that doesn't even exist? Moreover, do people who devoted the time, energy and money to get a better life in "SL" would score better in the real life too? Or they're just doing it because their first life was so pathetic that they cannot do anything about it?
In the past, if life were not good, get drunk or get high.. forget everything. Now, get a second life.
I know exactly that (first) life is not easy. But that's the point right? If life were too easy, why do we have to live? Just to hang around and die?
Probably, life is so frightening that people start to create virtual life where they dun have to face a reality.
Today, just for the sake of curiosity, I visited the site and learn what I can do there. But I swear, I dun feel interested at all. I still love my first life. Though it's far from ideal, still it's real...

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