Wednesday, April 25, 2007

English SOS

Indonesians dun generally have good command of English. Hehe... seriously, we don't. Our beloved bahasa is sooo simple, no past-present-future and of course no 'perfect' (whatever that is haha..), very unisex (no he/she.. so we support gender equality, aren't we?), no irregular verbs (just put some prefix or suffix, hmm.. this would be tricky..) and... read it as it's spelled. Want to add some more?? hehe.. be my guess...
That's why, please understand if we don't speak clearly or break all the grammatical rules.
The thing that inspired me to write this was a story I heard from home. Funny one. A guy at the office was suddenly panicked when he read competitor's ad.. It said "WHY BOTHER THE REST?"
Then, he called out few people and said, "Our competitor is teasing on us... THEY SAID WE ARE SLEEPING..". Huh???
Well.. it seemed that he translated the words differently: associated 'bother' with 'brother', which means us as the competitor.. and 'rest' not as remaining, but as relaxing..
Still dun get it? yeah.. me too, I almost fell off my chair when I heard the story. Well, there are other stories like typing "FEASIBILITY STUDY" as "VISIBILITY STUDY"... "TOLL-FREE" as "TOOL-FREE"...(LOL). Sadly... these are stories of highly educated people. U can imagine the rest.
Hehe... I shouldn't make fun of it. Fellow Indonesians, who enjoy their overseas stay like me, please do something for the sake of our people.



awan said...

ahahhaha ... so the ad is a complete failure then .. hahhaha ..
Frankly I cant get any sense .. WHY BrOTHER THE REST? it doesnt said anything .. unless .. if you translate it literally = "Kenapa Saudara Tidur"

Franz said...

Now I understand why Henky's paying so much to improve his english at Wall Street Institute... :-)

Anonymous said...

be my guess ? or be my guest ?