Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Chilli Philosophy

Almost a year residing in Singapore, there's one simple thing I miss about home : DECENT CHILLI. Hehehe... why? Coz Singaporean chillies, which I believe most of them come from Malaysia, are not hot enough for me.
Speaking of chilli, a simple philosophy crossed my mind. Chilli is small but has distinct taste. For some people, chilli is simply negligible, unimportant, or even avoided. But for some others, it's compulsory, wanted, missed and able to make a big difference. It depends on the people themselves, whether they are accustomed to the presence of chilli or not.
Use this simple analogy for a person with a chilli personality. This person may have little presence, or literary an unimportant person. He or she has a very strong distinct character which is only acceptable for some people, but unacceptable for others. Think of any person around u, there must be some people with this characteristics.. or he/she could probably be us!!
Chilli person is totally loved by people who are accustomed to it. But chilli would have problem with new people. He/she has difficulties to be accepted in new environment. Just because new people are not accustomed to his/her distinct character. This would likely happen when a person enters a totally new culture, especially if he/she still bring his/her own set of culture, which is very distinct. The best solution for chilli to be accepted is to get new people try it, slowly, and let them get accustomed with its presence. But how to get people to try? Probably through people who love chilli. They can encourage other people to get to know chilli better. Well, there's a possibility that they would not like it, but there's a good chance that they would fall in love with it...
Moral of the story? Well... if u happen to identify chilli people around u. Do give her/him a hand to mix with new environment. It's a good thing to do...

- I dun think I'm writing a good material today... -

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