Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One who failed learns more than one who succeeded

Recently, I heard lots of grievances on failure. Either it's personal life, academic life, or some kind of competitions. Well, I also lost two competitions at the same time last week. One was a prestigious international business plan competition and the other was a silly simulation game in class. Grief? Yeah... but not so serious. I learned to accept failures with dignity quite some time ago, when I started to lost my battles once in a while. Well, that's life... one can't always win, rite?

The most important thing is what one learns from the failure, not the failure itself. And I believe that one who failed learns more than one who succeeded. Why? Because a good contender would try to identify things that went wrong or didn't work out. A good contender would learn the failure factors and do necessary improvements to fix them. Given a second chance, A great contender would win even more victoriously that previous winners.

On the other side, winners tend to drown in euphoria and celebrations. Sometimes they don't even know what makes them succeed, whether it's a good strategy, relentless effort, or just mere luck.

One thing is even better: Winners who learn. Only true champions would learn from their success and even their contenders' failures. Nevertheless, this last kind rarely exists in reality. That's why winners come and go. Moreover, there's always a layer of sky above the sky...


"Accepting failure is most difficult at the first time..."

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