Friday, February 16, 2007

Bad Hair Cut

Have u ever left a beauty salon or barbershop feeling so wasted coz u just had a really bad hair cut??
Haha... not that I just had a haircut, but I just saw my friend had a terrible haircut which made him look like some kind or veggie or fruit...xixixixi.... (Sorry, bro..).
Since i'm the type who quite care on my own appearance, a bad hair cut is like a bitter pill. I used to cut my hair stylish short for practical reasons, so I have to be very careful in picking hairdresser if I dun want to suddenly look like tomato.
As I'm studying abroad with a whole bunch of international students, we all have to leave our regular hairdresser back home and find a new one here. Results are varied, some are successful in discovering new look that make them look impressive, but some ended as jokes of the day. I still remember that a friend got a 'lawnmower' cut, while the other got the cut that made him look 14 years younger (yeah... he looked 12...hahahaha...).
What's so important with a bad hair cut exactly ? Well, some say it represents our attitude towards small bad things that stick on us annoyingly. Some people (like me) want to get rid of those annoying things as soon as possible, some others just chill and disregard all the comments, while the rest try to hide or cover the damage (in hair cut case is by using accessories: hat, hair band, etc.)
On a larger scale, our attitude toward small sticky problems may be a good estimate on our attitude towards bigger problems in life, although the estimate is not always precise. So, it's not as simple as a bad hair cut, right?

- Tania -
This time I let my hair grow long

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