Friday, January 19, 2007

The Purposeful Life

Few days ago, I had a discussion with a friend.
It was probably until last year, my life mission is to achieve perfect balance in life : material, intellectual (career & achievements), social (friends), emotional (love & family), and spiritual (vertical relation with the Almighty).
Then, recently I discover more that each of the balancing elements has a higher purpose :
  • Money is for fulfillment
  • Achievement is for satisfaction
  • Friends are for attachment
  • Love is for happiness
  • Spiritual is for salvation - the ultimate purpose of life...
Then I thought, probably each of these elements doesn't need to be perfectly balanced.
Individuals may need different dose of each element in order to have a purposeful life.
Here, I put money in first order coz I feel that it's on the lowest level of the hierarchy, just like the Maslow hierarchy of needs where he put food & shelter in the lowest level.
Each person has different fulfillment level on this, but it doesn't mean that bigger fulfillment is better... we just need the proper dose.
For some people, achievement might be more important than money.
Some said that money comes with achievement.
So, depends on the person, either money or achievement can go first.
People seek the euphoria of satisfaction when they want to achieve something.
The feeling is similar to being on top of the world.
For some people, it's even addictive... the natural amphetamine.
But is it the ultimate purpose of life ?
The answer is no...
How do you feel being on top of the world and having everybody hate you ?
No true friends, just cold enemies, kiss-assers, and those who wait to stab your back..
Friends, relatives are our attachments. It's where we belong. They create a place for us in their heart & their life. It's mutual, not only them for us but also us for them.
Then... Love...Hmm... what should I say about love ? I'm no expert, though I've been in and out of relationships. What I know that it gives the most complicated emotions, worse than the strongest drug. It brings joy but also sadness, affection and hate, give and take. For those who manage their love successfully, the reward is happiness. But no offence, others could kill in the name of love...
Lastly, the vertical relationship with the Almighty : spiritual. Hmm.. not much to say bout this. Still have a loooonggg way to go to achieve this. All I know is that Allah the Almighty is my salvation. The last rope that I'm holding on when everything falls apart.Hmm... that's all I have to say for today. Feel like a philosopher already....
This is just my humble opinion. Do correct me if i'm wrong.
Been thinking a lot lalely

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