Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I (Love/Hate) My Boss ?

Boss. You can't deny that it's part of our life. I used to spend like 10 hours a day sitting a couple of meters away from my boss. And I'm sure a lot of people do the same thing. So, it's really good if you can get along with your boss. But if your boss is such a pain ?? Urgh...!

Though Dillbert cartoons showed a stupid, arrogant and incompetent boss figure, the real life situation is probably not as awful. Our bosses should possess certain kind of quality and experience to be in higher rank, right? (Or am I wrong ?... xixixi...). So, the question is whether we can get along with our boss or not.

I used to have a very good boss. In fact, she was my inspiration, made me want to be a boss like her someday. Then, she was transferred and I got a new boss. My new boss, A guy, had different style of leadership (I prefer to call it 'boss-ship', but couldn't find it in the dictionary haha...). It took time to get used to and my co-workers were having difficulties too. We could finally get along though we often had so much misconception.

Some people had really difficult time with their boss, which caused them to leave their jobs. I onec read an article in the internet about why brilliant employees leave good companies although they were given high salary and good career prospect. The answer is they left because of their immediate superior or boss.

My friend was really nervous at her first day of work as a manager. She had a not-so-good relationship with her ex-boss before, so she was afraid that she'd become a bad boss for her subordinate. So, it's not only the subordinates who are nervous with a new boss, their bosses would probably also feeling the same thing. It's almost similar to if a guy and a girl meet for the first time in a dating setup. The first meeting would give the first and basic impression. The good thing on dating is that both party are free to decide whether they would go on a second date or not. But, boss & subordinate? Hmmm... I don't think it's going to be that simple.

How's your experience ?



Emiralda said...

Hi Tan !

My boss is fine. Not the very kind-hearted one, infact, a bit tough and high in standard, but I kind of thinking that most of them is for my own good (haha, sounds so cliche, right ? but that's the truth..)

But I hate being a boss.. that's just not me =)

- I consider myself a highly efficient worker, but definitely not an efficient leader..

wihaga satya said...

evryone plays his/her own rules...

no one is better nor worse...


Rino Kebo said...

Well every one seems have a different perspective 'bout working environments that should be perfect for them. U got a killer bosses? you're dead. U got too comfy one ? your brains will do the same ..... DEAD. No bosses?, don't even think to get a raise :). So, which one is the best? depends of what u want to achieved .... jrit! lieur geuningan ngurus bawahan teh ....

Edwin S said...

Menurut pengalaman gua sih Tan, ternyata bukan cuma boss yang jadi faktor betah/tidaknya kita di perusahaan. Ada faktor2 lingkungan, karir, salaray, perusahaan, dll.

Contohnya boss gua yang sebelumnya bukan killer boss. Tapi yang bikin gua gak betah adalah kotanya (it sucks) dan juga manajemen perusahaan (bisa lihat salah satu contohnya di blog gua).
Thanks God I have got out from that bloody company.

tania said...

Edwin said that according to his experience, the main factor that makes us stay with a company is not only boss, but also environment, career, salary, company itself, etc.
U have a point, Win..

Haha, Edwin's previous boss was not a killer boss, but the city itself sucks, plus the company management...
Well, i know now you got a really good job.. I'll visit u some time if I have a chance to go to Brisbane, OK?

Edwin S said...

Upps, so I have to write in English?
Sorry, I didn't see your notification on the front page.

You are very welcomed to come here. I have a double bed if you want to save money. Hahaha, just kidding.

I have been to Singapore twice for the last a couple of months. But I didn't take a single step out of Changi airport because I only had less than 2 hours transit. Maybe someday I will visit you there and Artino (I heard he's working there). Have you met him ?