Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beauty is only skin deep

We all know the show called 'The Swan' right? It's amazing that women would endure such pain and torment to be beautiful. Well, though I know I'm not beautiful, I don't think I would torture myself like that..
What is beauty, essentially? I think it's just a perception which people built for ages along with culture and civilization. It's proven by the facts that beauty standards across places around the world are different. For example, in some regions, people consider fair skin as beautiful, but in some others, dark skin is considered more attractive. And not only across regions, each person has different standard which is relatively different from each other.
As globalization and commercialization grew rapidly, people around the world were trapped by the standard of beauty offered by global industry through products, publications, advertisement, entertainment, etc. Then suddenly, the definition of beauty narrowed into a stereotype of skinny figure, big boobs, long legs, bouncy hair, toned skin, and all those attributes appeared on the fashion catwalk, movie posters, and magz cover. Variations and diversity, which are supposed to enrich the meaning of beauty, abruptly considered as deviance from the beauty 'standard'. More and more teenagers suffered from bulimia, anorexia and other disorders just to have that dream skinny body. Plastic surgery, facelift, botox, transplant... women conciously (and pay so much too) to be torn by surgeon knife. So much suffering..

All just to satisfy a mindset of beauty which has been stereotyped by commercialization. Bullied by the thought that beauty is only skin deep.

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awan said...

First impression is always matter, doesnt care how small it is, even in a book you will always see the cover first before you open.